How to Install Kroy Vinyl Fence

Kroy does not have a downloadable pdf for installing vinyl fence, but offers the following step by step instructions should you choose to install your fence directly or if your installing contractor has any questions.

Getting Started

Take the time to plan your project. When choosing a vinyl fence style, ensure it’s a design approved by your municipality or homeowner’s association.

Choose Your Style

Privacy fence – Privacy and security that’s easy to live with
Kroy’s durable vinyl privacy fences come in a wide variety of styles and colors in Kroy Classic, Kroy Performance and Kroy Elegance price ranges.

Picket fence – Outdoor style without the work
Our vinyl picket fences come in a wide variety of styles and colors in Kroy Classic, Kroy Performance and Kroy Elegance price ranges, for a refined, low maintenance addition to your home, whatever your budget. A Kroy vinyl picket fence has no “bad side,” so even your neighbors will be happy.

Ranch Rail fence – The durable, stylish enclosure
Kroy’s ranch rail vinyl fence is a handsome addition to any home and property, large and small, creating the classic estate look you’re looking for.

Installation Steps

1. Layout fence and position posts

  • Use a string line to locate the fence line. Ensure square corners with the 3-4-5 triangle method. Stake out the post locations for the fence style you’ve selected.
  • Remember – Consider soil conditions, slopes, utility locations and property lines when positioning posts.

2. Set posts

  • Post holes should be min. 10″ in diameter for standard 4″ x 4″ posts and 12″ in diameter for 5″ x 5″ posts. Set posts in concrete to a min. depth of 24″.
  • In frost regions, dig post holes deep enough to ensure concrete extends below the frost line.
  • Place and hold post, pouring concrete 6″ at a time, tamping to eliminate air pockets. Before concrete sets, site down fence line and adjust posts, if necessary. If posts are too high, place a wooden block across the top of the post and tap down with a rubber mallet.
  • Remember – Call before you dig. Contact your local utility providers to locate underground utilities in the area.

3. Assemble and install fence sections


  • Center and install u-channels between routed holes on each post.
  • Bottom Rail: Install rail into bottom holes of post, groove side up.
  • Privacy panels: Slide panels into place on bottom rail from right to left. Ensure tongue and groove of each panel lock together.
  • Top Rail: Install rail into top hole of post, groove side down, sliding over last panel at an angle, and into adjacent post. Lower rail onto remaining panels, sliding rail as far as possible into the first post. Continue to push the rail down, sliding rail into second post.

Privacy with lattice

  • Lattice Channel: Using 3 of the self tapping screws provided, install one piece of lattice channel onto the center of the top of the middle rail. Also install on the underside of the top rail.
  • Follow Privacy sections instructions until panels are in place.
  • Mid Rail: Install as per Privacy top rail above.
  • Lattice: As far as possible, insert one end of lattice into slotted post while lowering the lattice into the upper channel of the mid rail. Center the lattice between posts making sure it remains slotted into both posts.
  • Top Rail: Install as per Privacy, ensuring Lattice is fully engaged in channel.


  • Slide the pickets through the top rail, then insert pickets one at a time into the bottom rail, until fully engaged into position.
  • Position assembled fence sections so that rails align with pre-routed holes in posts.
  • Starting with left side of section, insert rails into post holes, past notches.
  • Swing right side of section into place, sliding rails into post, fully engaging the notched ends.
  • For scalloped pickets styles, some cutting is required. Detailed instructions are included in the box.

Ranch Rail

  • Rails clips: Insert rail clips into both ends of the rails before inserting rails into posts. If trimming rails is required, drill a 1/2″ hole at cut ends to accept the rail clip.
  • Rails: Insert bottom rail, left side first, into routed post as far as it will go, then slide right side of rail into other post, fully engaging the clip. Work your way up, repeating this step, until all rails in each section are installed.
  • Optional Design: If a 2-Rail design is desired, cut the posts

4. Reinforce gate posts

  • Install hinges and latch prior to pouring concrete. Reinforce hinge and latch posts with 2 – 6′ pieces of #4 rebar.
  • Tape off ends of rails that will be joining the gate posts – this will prevent concrete from filling rails.
  • Pour concrete into posts, tamping occasionally to remove air pockets.

5. Attach the post caps

  • Glue caps onto the posts with a UV-rated, “hot glue” classified PVC adhesive.

6. Clean up

  • Clean off cement splatter with mild detergent and non-abrasive cloth, then hose down with clean water.