Vinyl Fence Brands

When considering installing a fence, it’s important to choose the material that best suits your needs. If you need heavy duty material that’s resistant to moisture, then an aluminum fence might be your best choice. If you’re trying to keep livestock in, electric horse braid fence is a great decision. So what are the benefits of a vinyl fence and which one is right for you? First and foremost, vinyl fences are cheap, safe, and easy to install.

Vinyl fences are a cheap, durable option because, unlike wood, they don’t rot, require repainting, contribute to environmental damage like deforestation, and will not splinter. This alone makes vinyl fencing relatively maintenance free. Since these fencing materials are light, so you’ll save on shipping. Vinyl fence materials are also treated with compounds like titanium dioxide to prevent damage from UV light and other additives to protect it from wind, rain, and snow. These treatments are completely harmless and safe around children and animals, contrary to most chemicals used for wrought iron and wood fences.

These fencing options are also visually appealing on the front and back and compliment the vinyl siding found on many modern homes and buildings. A vinyl fence can increase the value of your property while making your home or business look nicer.


Bufftech: In business since 1904, Bufftech is one of the leading manufacturers of vinyl fencing supplies. Most styles come in white, almond, clay, arbor, arctic, sierra, and weathered. Bufftech manufactures classic, contemporary, traditional, semi-private, privacy fence panels, and post & rail vinyl fencing materials. The company produces gates and solar lights, post caps, and decorative accents. Many of Bufftech’s products are offered in authentic wood grain textures and stucco, too.

Kroy: A wholly-owned subsidiary of PlyGem Industries, Kroy specializes in manufacturing vinyl and composite materials, including deck, railing, and fencing products. The company offers 2, 3, 4, crossbuck, and diamond rail ranch fences in tan, sandstone, and white. Kroy produces classic, performance, and elegance picket fences as well as a full line of privacy fencing. Outside fence supplies, Kroy manufactures vinyl gazebos, sunshades, and arbors.

Royal: Royal manufactures Triple Crown posts, rails, and fences as well as columns, rails, decking, and wraps. Royal’s Triple Crown fencing is available in a variety of panel styles including full, semi-private, and picket. The company fabricates decorative fence styles, too. All products are specially designed to endure the elements.

UltraGuard: Available in several styles and classic white or Monterrey sand, UltraGuard’s vinyl fencing can add a unique aesthetic to any property. UltraGuard fences are available in universal, semi-privacy, privacy, post & rail, and normal picket styles. UltraGuard manufactures flat, dome, gothic, and New England post caps and gates and accessories, as well.

VEKA: A German company established in 1967, VEKA is one of the world’s largest extruders of vinyl for use in doors and windows and exports to more than 40 countries. VEKA also produces privacy, picket, and post & rail fences and accessories. With brackets, braces, gates, and post caps also manufactured in vinyl, VEKA offers a comprehensive line of maintenance-free fences.

Every manufacturer sells a different decorative aesthetic. Learn how to install each of these brands and take a look at some of the different styles each manufacturer offers. Click on one of the buttons below and learn how to start installing Bufftech, Kroy, Royal, UltraGuard, and VEKA fences today.

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